In the name of outdoor adventure

Lisa Hikes from A to Z is a project to explore hiking trails in Northern California, and occasionally elsewhere, in order of the alphabet. 

One may ask, "Why?", but the response is always a sounding "Why not?". 

I fell in love with the American frontier during trips my parents took me on as a child to visit family in Utah and Colorado. The odyssey of terrain and ecosystems contained in the western states bewildered me, and I'm thankful to have had several opportunities to explore its many regions. Living in Northern California provides a diverse medley of places to stumble out onto and explore. Within just a few hours one can reach such different terrain; one will find humid coastal horizons next to warm temperate valleys that lay below forest covered mountains sidelined by arid desert planes.  Exploring these spaces brings me joy and connects me with the foundation of life. And happily, there are plenty of hikes and places to choose from that will lay an alphabetical journey to adventure thorough.

Journey with me as I travel through some amazing places, from A all the way to Z.

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